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Latino Pre-Law Society at UC Berkeley

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, Sep 21, 2012

Earlier this week, I had a great visit with the Latino Pre-Law Society at UC Berkeley.  I was on a panel with Victoria Ortiz, former dean of students at UC Berkeley and UC Irvine, and Jennifer Elrod, who has been a law teacher.  About 40 students were in attendance.  A number were interested in UC Davis.

I must say that it was an amazing and eye-opening experience talking with the students.  One was a farmworker’s daughter from Watsonville and was a junior college transfer and trying to get used to Cal; she was very moved when I shared some of my experiences growing up (from my book) and she saw a connection.  Another student was undocumented and was aggressively looking for financial assistance from law schools.  I also meet a student who was on the Cal club boxing team and told me that Ryan Maquiñana '12 had interviewed him for Comcast Bay Area Sportsnet.  

The trip down Interstate 80 was well worth doing.  Thank you, UC Berkeley Latino Pre-Law Society, for having me as a speaker!  I hope your members will consider becoming a part of the King Hall Community.