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La Raza Law Students Bienvenida BBQ 2015

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, Aug 23, 2015

It is the beginning of what no doubt will be a wonderful school year. As one of many warm welcoming activities, La Raza Law Students Association (LRLSA) co-chairs Stephanie Medina and Rudy Orozco organized the group's traditional Bienvenida in the King Hall courtyard on a warm Saturday afternoon. 

LRLSA logo

We had a wonderful turnout of new law students and returning second and third years. They really are a special group, with students coming from universities around the United States, from Notre Dame to Cornell to UCLA and UC Berkeley.  It truly was exhilarating to meet a new group of excellent students with incredible achievements and life histories.

Faculty also were in attendance in numbers to support the students. Senior Associate Dean Madhavi Sunder, Leticia Saucedo, Amagda Perez (King Hall alum and former LRLSA co-chair), Clay Tanaka, and Anupam Chander all enjoyed a hearty meal of tacos and all the trimmings. Tim Griffiths of the Career Services office also attended to show his support for one of the most active groups in the entire King Hall community.

I was honored to have a chance to welcome the new students to King Hall and tell all of them just how pleased we were to have them at King Hall.

It has been a wonderful beginning to the 2015-16 school year.