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King Hall Student Attends ABA Antitrust Conference

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, Apr 15, 2011

I was just forwarded a really nice e-mail from Tiffany Lee ’11.  With support from the Dean’s Office, Tiffany attended the ABA Antitrust Conference in Washington, DC.

“I just wanted to send a thank you note the Dean's Office for supporting my attendance at the ABA Antitrust Conference.  This year's conference featured some very informative and interesting panels on Antitrust law's movement and adaptation to high technology and internet industries as well as some interesting panels about California law.  One of our Alumni, Daveed Schwartz, was featured on a panel about California's Unfair Competition Law.  

Although I attended last year while I was interning at the FTC through the UCDC program, I still found this year's conference extremely educational and worthwhile.  In addition to attending the workshops, I made a particular effort to arrange meetings with practitioners in Antitrust law.  Many attorneys I met with - including our one of our own alums - were very impressed that King Hall had sponsored my trip out there.  They were even more impressed that there was more than one King Hall student in attendance.  

Perhaps most exciting, however, is that I managed to walk away from this conference with a job offer from a New York firm (and quite a few interviews from other firms). Lawyers from firms in San Francisco pitched me to their hiring committees this week.  Practitioners, even though they did not have immediate positions, were eager to help me launch my career in whatever way they could by providing me with contacts and introductions.  I did even manage to walk away from this conference with an opportunity to write an article for an ABA newsletter.

I want to extend my sincere thanks to the Dean's office (and Professor Afsharipour) for supporting my trip to the conference.  I do hope that the Dean's office continues to support sending students to this conference in the future.  It is very worthwhile for any student seeking to enter the Antitrust field, both educationally and professionally.”

Thanks for the e-mail, Tiffany!  King Hall is proud to support its students!