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Intro Week and the King Hall Public Service Tradition

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, Aug 15, 2017

Our Intro Week for the Class of 2020 began today.  I talked with the group about the Public Service Tradition at UC Davis School of Law, including the public service work of the law faculty and the wide variety of public service opportunities available to law students (from clinical programs to externships to volunteer opportunities).

The new class saw part of the well-done documentary film Cruz Reynoso: Sowing the Seeds of Justice, which chronicles the civil rights career of Professor Cruz Reynoso, who directed California Rural Legal Assistance when it was attacked for its effective activism on behalf of the rural poor.  Professor Reynoso went on to serve as a justice on the California Supreme Court and ultimately a law professor at UC Davis School of Law.  Professor Reynoso discussed the film with the Class of 2020 and answered many thoughtful questions from the students.

It was a wonderful opportunity to pass on our public service traditions to the next generation of King Hall students.

Reynoso Panel