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Inn of Court: First Amendment and the Occupy Movement

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, May 10, 2012

Last night, I was on a panel of discussants on Free Expression issues and the Occupy movement for the Schwartz Levi Inn of Court.

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The title of the program was "The Legal Issues of the Occupy Movement." Associate Dean Vik Amar and Charity Kenyon '77 also were on the panel to discuss the various First Amendment issues raised by the Occupy movement. We discussed striking the balance of protecting free expression while also protecting public health and safety, as well as other legitimate concerns such as freedom of the press. The program included a series of skits in which alumni (and spouses) Kara Ueda '00 and Scott Lay '00, as well as Natalie Johnston '08 participated. Scott made an excellent Geraldo-style panel moderator!