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Guest Blog Entry on L.A. Lunch

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, May 27, 2010

Associate Director of Alumni Relations Ginger Welsh contributes this guest blog entry about yesterday's great King Hall event in Los Angeles.  Thanks to Ginger and everyone who attended!


On Wednesday, May 26th, King Hall alumni in downtown Los Angeles once again gathered for their monthly lunch.  With the invaluable assistance of former board member and host Ron Maroko '86, alumni have gathered to enjoy these gatherings on the final Wednesday of every month for the last two years!  The lunches include an "introduction" to one or two featured alumni and give our graduates a chance to come together and network with members of the King Hall community who live and work in Southern California.  A few times a year, faculty or special guests from the administration join the lunches.  During the summer and school breaks, the invitation to join these events is extended to current students who are in the area.    

This lunch featured guests from the Career Services Office: Director Mindy Baggish, Associate Director of Career Services and Public Interest Career Planning Kirsten Hill '04 and Assistant Director of Career Services and Judicial Clerkships Alison Shinsato.  I also attended to represent the Alumni Relations Office.  The Career Services staff gave a great presentation on their services and focus areas, as well as an introduction of their new Associate and Assistant Directors.

Alumni enjoyed the opportunity to meet with the staff and learn how the office is addressing the changing needs of our students and alumni by expanding their outreach efforts to focus on building stronger relationships with recruiters and our alumni throughout California and beyond the state.   A number of current students attended the lunch, providing a chance for them to begin building their own networks in the L.A. area.  It was a really enjoyable event and just one way the school, in conjunction with wonderful alumni volunteers, is increasing the UC Davis School of Law footprint in areas far from Davis!   Alumni in attendance included Barbara Chun' 96, Board Member Aimee Dudovitz '99, Louis Greenwald '99, Megan Knize '08, and Karen Lai '08.     

The next two lunches are on June 30 and July 28.  Check the home page of the law school website for more information and details on the next events.  We hope to see you there!