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Filling in the Development Blanks

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, Apr 6, 2010

I was invited to take part in a blogging project about development organized by the European Centre for Journalists called TH!NK3 (

A high school friend and college roommate, Bill Hinchberger - principal of Hinchberger Consulting, blogger, and freelance writer now based in Paris after 15+ years in Brazil - wrote in an email: "The organizing principle of [these] blog contributions will be to ask leading thinkers to complete a series of simple yet challenging sentences about development and the millennium goals in an era of limits.  I will be asking authors, scholars, community leaders, politicians, civil society officials, business executives, journalists and others to help fill in the development blanks."  He also said to be flexible with the term "development."  

These were some of the questions:

In an era of limits, the new definition of development is _________________.

If I were casting a sequel of Nightmare on Development Street, my choice to play Freddie Krueger would be __________________________.

Continued or increased dependence on the automobile will lead to ____________.

Favorite development-related fiction book ____________

Favorite development-related non-fiction book __________

Favorite development-related feature film __________

Favorite development-related blog ___________

Favorite development-related song ____________

Read my answers to the survey here: