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Erin Gruwell Returns to King Hall

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, Jan 25, 2013

Erin Gruwell, the life-changing teacher whose story inspired the Hollywood movie “The Freedom Writers” (starring Hilary Swank as Erin), delivered an amazing talk at the law school yesterday. It was Erin’s second visit to King Hall. I was at the Alumni Lunch in Seattle, but Senior Assistant Dean Hollis Kulwin got to see Erin and wrote:

“Erin Gruwell’s visit was terrific. I had the privilege of chatting with her and Rahul “Brown” Chandhok ‘11 before her talk. Brown serves as in-house counsel for Erin’s Freedom Writers Foundation.  Erin’s talk had great attendance; Room 2303, which seats more than 100, was quite full. In addition to an enthusiastic group of King Hall students, the talk was attended by professors from the UC Davis School of Education and at least one Sacramento area school teacher who was trained by Erin's foundation. The presentation was very inspirational!  Erin emphasized her philosophy that education must value and promote diversity and, through her story, showed how just one person’s efforts and caring can bring profound positive change to many lives.  Erin recognized the King Hall students who worked at her foundation last summer on business and intellectual property issues and, after the talk, she and Brown interviewed several King Hall students for summer ‘13 positions.  Professor Clay Tanaka, who also attended the talk, helped Brown set up the interviews.  Erin said that she might be back later this semester to deliver a presentation which might include the showing of the Freedom Writer Foundation’s newest documentary. I was glad to see that Erin seemed to enjoy her visit to King Hall!”