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Grand Opening, Football, and Bienvenida

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, Sep 3, 2010

We're just a couple of weeks into the new academic year, and already the Law School calendar is packed with exciting events for the King Hall community.

Today the King Hall community celebrated the Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting for the expansion wing of King Hall!  See photos here on our Facebook page.  Read the story on the main UC Davis website.  And look for a web news story on the King Hall home page in the coming days!

Tomorrow... I'll be at the UC Davis vs. Cal Berkeley football game!  Hope to see you there!

Meanwhile, I just received these photos (below) in my inbox.  Last weekend, La Raza Law Students held its annual Bienvenida Picnic for first year students in Community Park.  A number of faculty were in attendance.  I saw Professors Tanaka, White, Perez, and Green there (even more may have arrived after I left!).  I attended with my daughter Elena. 

Bienvenida Picnic 1

Bienvenida Picnic 2

There were about 30 students in attendance, including the co-chairs Caridad Pena and Aidin Castillo.  We had 1L students there from Texas, Oregon, Arizona, and California.  The food was delicious: pupusas, enchiladas, burritos, rice, and beans.