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CSIS Symposium "Bayh-Dole at 30" and Professor Aoki

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, Apr 29, 2011

I did the intro for Professor Mario Biagioli’s Bayh-Dole conference today.  The symposium includes a who’s who of IP superstars.

Professor Keith Aoki was slated to be a participant and, in light of his passing, Mario offered a brief intro, talked about Keith, and dedicated the conference to Keith Aoki.

Here is a portion of my remarks:

“For the last thirty years, the Bayh-Dole Act has framed the relationship between U.S. universities and industry with respect to research and innovation.  The participants, I bet, will take a critical look at Bayh-Dole and its impacts on university research and innovation.

We have a number of UC Davis Law faculty who have contributed to this event, including Anupam Chander, Madhavi Sunder, and Peter Lee.  And, I am sad to say, we lost one of the participants, my colleague and dear friend, Keith Aoki.  Before law school, Keith was a cutting-edge performance artist in New York City – in the days when Times Square looked like it was depicted in the Martin Scorsese film, ‘Taxi Driver,’ as he told regularly me.  His passing sounds a somber note at UC Davis, but as Keith no doubt would enthusiastically say, ‘The Show Must Go On.’”