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Chicanx Symposium at UC Davis

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, Apr 26, 2017

Chicanx Event

I had the opportunity to talk on the Trump administration and its policies at the Chicanx Symposium on resistance and activism, held April 25 at the UC Davis Student Community Center.  Hosted by the UCD Chicano/a Studies Department, the event drew a full house of students, faculty, and staff.

Among the other speakers was Chicana/o Studies Professor Ofelia Cuevas, who this semester taught a class at King Hall on Race, Mass Incarceration, and Policing. The symposium, titled “Revolutionizing the Fighting Back: Activism under the Trump Adminitration,” was part of La Raza Cultural Days at UC Davis, a week of cultural events celebrating the Chicana/o community. Over 100 students attended the symposium and asked thoughtful and engaging questions about the current political climate.  I left thinking that the next generation is in good hands.