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BASF Presents “Exploring Careers in Law School Administration”

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, Jul 17, 2013

Today I took part in "Exploring Careers in Law School Administration," a panel discussion organized by the Barristers Diversity Issues Committee of the Bar Association of San Francisco (BASF). I was invited by King Hall alum Anna Gehriger '05, who serves on the board of directors of the BASF Barrister’s Club. As a law student, Anna was a star in our Immigration Law Clinic.

The event took place at the BASF Conference Center in the heart of San Francisco's vibrant Financial District.

Topics included the different ways in which a J.D. degree can be used in law school administration.
• How to take business development skills learned in litigation and use them to start networking in the field
• How to parlay client communication skills into law student counseling/mentoring skills
• How to use litigation experience to become an attractive and viable candidate in this field
• How a legal education and the ability to "think like a lawyer" are assets in the law school administration field

Other speakers included Edward Tom (Dean of Admissions at Berkeley Law), Leeor Neta (Director of Public Interest Programs at Golden Gate), Louise Francis (Associate Director, Graduate Class Advisor Career Office, UC Hastings), Shauna Marshall (Academic Dean at UC Hastings), and Monica Davis (Program Manager, Center for Global Law and Policy, Santa Clara).

It was a good and wide-ranging discussion that was well-attended by practicing attorneys and others interested in the field of law school administration. Thanks to Anna and BASF for having me as part of the panel!