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Barbara Pozzo on Confronting Climate Change

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, Sep 11, 2012

Barbara Pozzo visited King Hall last week. Professor Pozzo is the Director of the Ph.D. Program in Comparative Law at the University of Milan and Professor of Comparative Law at Insubria University in Como, Italy.

Our California International Law Center (CILC) and California Environmental Law & Policy Center (CELPC) sponsored her lunchtime presentation; the Journal of International Law and Policy (JILP) was a co-sponsor. The title of her presentation was “Confronting Climate Change: the European Commission’s Adaptation Strategy.” Professor Pozzo also gave a fascinating talk to the faculty on the problems associated with conducting EU business in more than 20 official languages. She described the trend of the EU to move toward English as the lingua franca, and the problems involved with using a common law language to discuss civil code concepts. 

Thanks to Barbara Pozzo for coming to Davis all the way from Italy and sharing her work with the King Hall Community!