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An Inspiring Saturday

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, Jul 13, 2015

I spent Saturday looking at the future of college education and law school students.  Saturday morning, I participated in the Hispanic Scholarship Fund's Youth Leadership Institute at the ARC Ballroom on the UC Davis campus.  The Hispanic Scholarship Fund provides scholarship and other support to Hispanic high school students thinking about college.  We had more than 100 students from around the United States -- including many prospective first generation college students -- attending programs throughout the week. Their Saturday was devoted to talking with successful Hispanic professionals.  I was one of the so-called "heroes" who talked with the students and enjoyed telling them about my experiences at UC Berkeley, Harvard, and UC Davis.  Another one of the "heroes" who talked with the students was King Hall alum Emilio Camacho ‘11, who, as an undergraduate, was a participant in the King Hall Outreach Program (KHOP). One student from the leadership conference handed me a note as I left one of the discussion groups.  It read, “Thank you for coming to speak.  I am from Winnetka, California, in Los Angeles County.  What you said about taking advantage of opportunities and not limiting yourself is so valuable to me.”

Mentioning KHOP brings me to the second event of the day. For lunch, I gave welcoming remarks to the students of this year’s KHOP, a program that the School of Law created in 2001 to increase the opportunities available to socioeconomically disadvantaged and first-generation college students to attend law school.  This year, as always, we have a great group of students, who will be spending time this summer learning about how to succeed in the competitive law school admissions process.  Associate Director of Admissions Scott Vignos has done a great job in organizing the program this year.  We have students from UC Berkeley, UC Santa Barbara, San Francisco State, Sacramento State, and many other top universities.  I enjoyed a wonderful lunch with the group in the King Hall courtyard.

It was an inspiring Saturday for me, and I hope the students were inspired, too.