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Alum Scores Victory for Facebook Privacy

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, May 28, 2010

I received this e-mail from Regina Yeh '09:

Dear Dean Johnson,

I was just granted my motion for review regarding Facebook and MySpace privacy under federal electronic communications privacy laws - a matter of first impression! The court quashed the opposing side's subpoenas, that sought all of our client's electronic communications, including e-mail and Facebook/MySpace. While it was not a complete victory (the district court remanded the issue to the magistrate as to whether our client's privacy settings were sufficient to restrict his "wall posts"), I feel as though this King Hall alum scored a small victory for privacy advocates, and appreciate more than ever the mentorship and teaching I received during my years there.

Regina Yeh '09

Regina's law firm, Doniger/Burroughs, even wrote about this "cutting-edge ruling" on its blog:

Congratulations, Regina!