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All aboard the Justice Bus

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, Mar 16, 2012

King Hall students will be taking their first “Justice Bus” trip on March 30.  (Check out this video to learn about the Justice Bus.)  As a part of this program created by OneJustice, they will be volunteering with Legal Aid of Napa Valley to provide assistance at senior legal clinics at mobile home parks in the Napa Valley. 

OneJustice is a nonprofit whose mission is to increase access to legal help for underserved Californians by building infrastructure and partnerships in the legal community.  I just learned that OneJustice was selected as the 2012 recipient of the California Association of Nonprofit (CAN) Insurance Services Award for Nonprofit Excellence - for the Justice Bus Project!  I learned of the award from OneJustice Executive Director Julia Wilson, who wrote in an e-mail, “I wanted to let you know, since UC Davis School of Law has recently joined the Justice Bus network (with funding for the HALO student group Justice Bus trip), and this statewide collaboration is really what made this award possible!”

Congratulations to OneJustice!  UC Davis School of Law and it students are proud to partner with you.