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ABA Panel: The Government/Private Prison Experiment

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, Aug 9, 2013

I am at San Francisco's Moscone Center today, participating in an ABA panel discussion titled, "The Government/Private Prison Experiment: New Laws, Rising Populations, & Changing Conditions." I will be moderating the panel, which features former ICE director John Morton.

This is the panel description: "What are the legal, economic and custodial care implications of privatization of prisons and detention facilities? Which options provide the best conditions for prisoners and detainees? Does the private prison lobby have a nexus to 'tough on crime' sentencing laws, state immigration laws, or increased incarceration rates? What legal remedies exist under a privatization scheme? State and local governments have contracted to house ICE detainees and sometimes commission prisons as a job-generating mechanism for a town - how does that affect care, local economies and what experiences have state/local authorities had with this option? A panel of nationally known experts will discuss these dilemmas pertaining to privatization, implementation of standards, and the pros/cons of various options."

The panel is part of the ABA's annual meeting, which runs through Tuesday in San Francisco.