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A Visit from Garrett Epps

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, Mar 31, 2011

Every semester, the UC Davis law faculty has regular visitors from law schools across the United States, as leading scholars from various fields come to King Hall to present their research.  On March 28, we were pleased to be able to host Professor Garrett Epps of the University of Baltimore School of Law as he presented a paper thoroughly analyzing birthright citizenship and the 14th Amendment.  As you probably know, the birthright citizenship clause of the 14th Amendment has been under attack from those who suggest that the United States should deny birthright citizenship to the children of undocumented immigrants. 

Epps, formerly a writer for the Washington Post and currently a regular contributor to The Atlantic, is author of the book Democracy Reborn:  The Fourteenth Amendment and the Fight for Equal Rights in Post-Civil War America.  His views on the 14th Amendment are summarized in “Constitutional Citizenship: A Legislative History,” a paper released by the Immigration Policy Center, which I would urge everyone interested in immigration and constitutional law to read.  Thank you, Garrett Epps, for an excellent presentation!