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2016 Milestone Reunions

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, Oct 24, 2016

King Hall hosted its 2016 Alumni Reunions of the Classes of 1971, 1976, 1981, 1986, 1991, 1996, 2001, 2006, and 2011 on Saturday.  It was a wonderful celebration of over 250 alumni, our largest reunion event ever.  It was great seeing so many happy and successful UC Davis School of Law alums on a beautiful fall day.  A reception in the courtyard of the new-and-improved King Hall, with a string quartet, was followed by a dinner and short program at the UC Davis Conference Center.  Senior Director of Development Karen Charney and Director of Development Nick Dolce led tours for alums of the expanded and renovated King Hall.  I was happy to share with the alums our great success, including our excellent, “majority minority” faculty, superstar students, and enduring sense of community. 

We had a number of faculty at the reception and dinner, including Lisa Ikemoto `87, Amagda Pérez ’91, Carlton Larson, Joel Dobris, Bruce Wolk, Dan Simmons '71, and Cruz Reynoso. 

The reunions were a stunning success in no small part because of the hard work of the volunteers who called and e-mailed their classmates, arranged conference calls and e-mail lists, and organized events and get-togethers.  This year’s volunteers included D. Steven Blake, G. Richard Brown, Charles I. McClain, and Gary Solis of the Class of 1971, James G. Durham, Joan D. Durham, Chris Gibson, the Honorable Loreen O'Hare-Hall, and the Honorable Cerena Wong of the Class of 1976, the Honorable M. Kathleen Butz, Diane Dillon, Kathryn E. Landreth, and W. George Wailes of the Class of 1981, William D. Caldwell, Jr., Ron Maroko, Nancee M. Murray, Angela E. Oh, Fred A. Silva, and Linda Somers Smith of the Class of 1986, Craig C. Allison, Marc G. Reich, Amagda Perez, and Tom Phinney of the Class of 1991, Chad W. Carlock, Shawn M. Elicegui, Allison Lima, Jennifer F. Novak, and Bijal V. Vakil of the Class of 1996, Robert Milligan of the Class of 2001, Corrine Bielejeski, Allison Marrazzo, and Crystal Gaudette of the Class of 2006, and Shea Brack, Karli Eisenberg, Kelly Martin, Tom Rupp, and Maggie Trinh of the Class of 2011.

At dinner, Ron Clausen `71, presented me with a bottle of wine, with a label of the Founding King Hall faculty.

Class of 1971 Wine