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Public Interest Fellowships (Career News- June 19th and 27th Editions)

Posted By Career Services Staff, Jul 2, 2012

NOW is the time to apply for Post-Graduate Public Interest Fellowships.  Fellowships present a significant opportunity to launch yourself into a meaningful public interest career.  PSLawNet is the best resource available to help you identify both in-house fellowships and host organizations seeking to partner with students in the fellowship application process.  In addition to offering a Comprehensive Guide to Fellowships, PSLawNet also has an extensive calendar with information on over 300 fellowships organized by application deadline.  Fellowship postings are also available on Symplicity.  Equal Justice Works Fellowship applications are available online beginning July 6, 2012 and must be submitted online no later than 2 pm on September 16th, 2012.  Detailed information on EJW fellowships and tips on preparing a successful application are available on the Equal Justice Works website.   Skadden fellowships are due on October 1, 2012 and more information can be found here.  When it comes to pursuing fellowships, don’t be afraid to be the initiator!  Not all organizations willing to sponsor fellows advertise.  Reach out to former employers and organizations that interest you and ask them to partner with you on an EJW or Skadden Fellowship.  Fellowship applications take time to prepare and deadlines are closing fast!  To schedule an appointment to discuss fellowships with Kirsten Hill in the Career Services Office, call (530) 752-5135 or email her directly at   

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