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Student Outreach

Fall 2020

Virtual Student-Alumni Mixers

Student-alumni mixers are an opportunity for King Hall alumni to meet and interact with current students, based on practice area or affinity group. Alumni are invited to field questions and share their career experiences with students.

Virtual mixers will utilize small group sessions to allow for a better flow of conversation in the online format. This year, we look forward to the attendance of many alumni who are not local to the Davis/Sacramento area!

Environmental Law

Wednesday, Oct. 28, 5:30-6:45 p.m. Register Here

Business Law

Thursday, Nov. 5, 5-6:15 p.m. Register Here

This section will be updated as additional mixers are added to the calendar.

If you are interested in attending a particular student-alumni mixer, please email and we will contact you when that mixer date is set.


Mentorship Program

The King Hall Alumni Board Student Outreach Committee invites fellow King Hall alumni to participate in the annual Mentorship Program.
  • 2L and 3L Mentorship Program:  The goal is to create a robust mentorship community by fostering lasting professional relationships between current students and experienced alumni practitioners. The program will pair 2L and 3L mentees with alumni mentors who have similar career interests, backgrounds, and desired geographic practice locations for a 12-month mentorship period. Those paired with 2L mentees will be given the opportunity to continue your mentorship after the 12-month period, if interested.
  • 1L Mentorship Program: The goal is to help 1Ls begin to understand the importance of mentorship, gain insight from experienced practitioners, and help them identify areas of practice that are, or are not, a good fit for them. 

Mentor Expectations:

  • Touch base with mentees once per quarter by telephone. 
  • Set up an in-person (or zoom) meeting at least once per year
  • Mentors and mentees are welcome (and encouraged) to have additional communication or interaction as they see fit

Eligibility: Alumni with at least three years of experience (i.e., Class of 2017 or earlier).

Sign Up: If you are new to the program, sign up here. Kindly do so by Thursday, Oct. 8, 2020, and thank you for your invaluable support of King Hall.

If you are already a mentor, thank you. If you previously signed up and you are still interested in being a mentor, please update your information hereIf you have previously signed up but are no longer available, please email

Additional Student Outreach Opportunities


Next round begins Spring 2021

King Hall C.A.R.E.S. (Committed to Assist the Recruitment & Enrollment of Students) volunteers help recruit admitted students to the Law School. These volunteers assist the School of Law by speaking with admitted students about their law school experiences, participate on panels, host receptions, and attend recruitment events in their local area in order to extend our reach throughout the country. They also attend functions sponsored by the Offices of Admissions and External Relations such as the Open House for Prospective Applicants, one of the Open Houses for Admitted Students or any of the spring time Alumni & Admitted Students Receptions. In many instances, our alumni and current students are the Law School's best spokespeople. For more information on C.A.R.E.S., contact the Office of Admission at 530.752.6477 or send an e-mail to We need your help!

Career Services

Alumni Involvement

The Offices of Alumni Relations and Career Services are pleased to welcome alumni back to King Hall to participate in career panels and in mentoring roles.

Most law students are faced with the challenges of making major decisions early in their legal education when they may know very little about the legal profession. Alumni can provide the benefit of their knowledge and experience to help students achieve their educational and professional goals. Additionally, we believe that by offering students the opportunity to develop relationships with alumni, we are equipping them with one of the most important tools they will ultimately need as lawyers — the ability to build effective networking relationships.

Alumni are invited to contact the Alumni Relations Office at 530.754.5326 or by e-mail at for referral to the Office of Career Services or to be connected with student organizations.

Employment Opportunities

A vitally important role that alumni fill in the King Hall community is that of employment support for our 3L students. Encourage your employer to participate in the School of Law’s On Campus Interview (OCI) program and/or hire UC Davis graduates.

Alumni can also assist Career Services by participating in mock interviews and on panel presentations, especially during the busy fall recruiting season. If you are interested in assisting Career Services, please contact the office at 530.752.6574 or at

Student Organizations

UC Davis School of Law has a vibrant student body, who are involved in more than 40 student organizations. These organizations address a variety of areas and represent numerous ethnic/cultural affiliations. The Law School also has active clinical, moot court, and trial practice programs, and along with the UC Davis Law Review, hosts journals focusing in Environmental Law, Juvenile Justice, International Law and Policy, and Business Law. Alumni are invited to contact the Alumni Relations Office at 530.754.5326 or by e-mail at to be connected with student organizations.