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Alumni in the News

News Posted on June 5, 2012

Ryan Lore '13 and Jennifer Maguire '12 Win People's Choice Award at UC Davis Big Bang Competition

Ryan Lore '13 and Jennifer Maguire '12 won the People's Choice Award at the UC Davis Big Bang Business Planning Competition last week. Their clean tech start-up, Roadwise Technologies Inc., aims to harvest currently wasted energy from the asphalt we drive on every day. Roadwise has developed DynaFilm, a thin-film nanotechnology that is installed underneath roadway asphalt to capture wasted energy created by the sun's heat and the pressure of passing vehicles. The company, which also includes UC Davis PhD students, is using the award proceeds to further DynaFilm technology development. According to Lore, this technology represents a potential paradigm shift in renewable energy generation.