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Picture of Gordon S. Baranco
Gordon S. Baranco
Class of 1972
Superior Court of Alameda County

Graduated from King Hall: 1972

Appointment History:


Judicial Assignments:

Civil trials/AOC. 1. Vice Chair, Access and Fairness; 2. Collaborative Justice Courts Committee; 3. Task Force for Collaboration on Mental Health; 4. Chair, Alameda County Community Focused Court Planning.

Alumni on the Bench

UC Davis School of Law is fortunate to have an extensive, and impressive list of Alumni on the Bench. Our judiciary alumni have always been generous with their time by participating in a variety of activities at UC Davis School of Law. Judges teach classes and seminars, and serve as mentors to students who may wish to pursue a career in the judiciary.

The list below represents alumni active, or retired, in positions with the California Superior Court, Federal Bankruptcy Courts, or similar courts in other States.

In addition to the alumni listed above, we have a number of alumni who work in positions as Administrative Law and other types of Judges.

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Tony J. Agbayani

Lynn C. Atkinson

Gordon S. Baranco

Stephen J. Bishop

Louis F. Bissig

Jerilyn L. Borack

Stacy E. Boulware Eurie

David I. Brown

Lawrence G. Brown

Leslie E. Brown

Trena H. Burger-Plavan

M. Kathleen Butz

Tani Gorre Cantil-Sakauye

F. Phillip Carbullido

Bruce E. Chan

Rebecca D. Connolly

Ricardo Cordova

John R. Couzens, Jr.

Patricia Y. Cowett

Franklin L. Dacca

My-Le J. Duong

Phillip Eves

Timothy L. Fall

Joseph P. Florendo, Jr.

Maureen Ann Folan

Cinda S. Fox

Robert C. Fracchia

Janet Gaard

Michael T. Garcia

Linda M. Gardner

Ramona J. Garrett

Sharon Gleason

Helen L. Halpert

Arlan L. Harrell

Alvin M. Harrell III

Judy H. Hersher

C. Anders Holmer

Garry T. Ichikawa

Dale L. Ikeda

Joan K. Irion

Judy Johnson

Tim P. Kam

John D. Kirihara

Willie Lott, Jr.

Katherine K. Mader

Joy Wiesenfeld Markman

Louis R. Mauro

Loren E. McMaster

Charles P. McNutt

Cheryl C. Meegan

Marilyn B. Miles

Jared D. Moses

Mike K. Nakagawa

E. Bradley Nelson

Colleen M. Nichols-Chavez

Nancy J. Nolan

Kathleen R. O'Connor

Frank J. Ochoa

Devin R. Odell

Marla Osborne-Anderson

Alan G. Perkins

Elizabeth L. Perris

Kenneth G. Peterson

Kristina Pickering

Dean D. Pregerson

Dale A. Reinholtsen

Jane Restani

Whitney Rimel

David Rosenberg

Cesar C. Sarmiento

Mary Fingal Schulte

Donald I. Segerstrom, Jr.

Michael R. Spaan

Nancy Wieben Stock

Richard A. Stone Jr.

Craig F. Stowers

Jon E. Stuebbe

Leslie A. Swain

Harry J. Tobias

John Vineyard

Charles D. Wachob

David B. Walgren

Edward D. Webster

Jane Westbrook

Clarence Westra, Jr.

Stephen W. White

Rebecca A. Wiseman

Cerena Wong

Brian C. Yep

Vincent P. Zurzolo