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Why Give

Giving to UC Davis School of Law provides vital, irreplaceable support to enhance our current academic and student programs, expand educational opportunities, recruit and retain top-notch faculty, students, and staff, provide updated and modernized facilities and teaching methods, and ensure that the most promising students can attend the Law School, regardless of economic status.

A lot has changed since UC Davis School of Law opened its doors more than 50 years ago. Costs have skyrocketed as noted in the sidebar on this page, public funding has flat-lined, and the very nature of law school education has to evolve to meet new global demands. The School of Law leadership has set a goal to be the best, small public law school in the nation. Private support of UC Davis School of Law and its students, faculty, and programs is critical in making this goal a reality.

Investing in Tomorrow's Leaders

Students from UC Davis School of Law continue to make a positive impact in our community, state, and world, not only as students, but as graduates as well. The Law School is committed to helping ensure that the most promising students can attend, regardless of economic status, through increased funding of scholarships.

  • In 2018-2019, private support for the law school enabled a total of 35 privately funded scholarships, providing direct aid to 59 students.
  • Seventy-five percent of the King Hall Annual Fund goes directly to support students, with a substantial portion paid out in scholarships and awards.
  • Scholarships, which are awarded to top students both at admissions and upon completion of the first year of study, help King Hall attract and retain the best and the brightest law students, playing a critical role in maintaining our standing as one of the nation's top law schools.

Your support for scholarships helps fulfill the dreams of students who energize King Hall through their leadership, intellect, and character. Many of these students would not be able to afford a legal education without your help. As fees have risen and state funding has become increasingly uncertain, private support is needed to provide scholarships that reward academic excellence, promote diversity, and help to keep the Law School accessible. You can help support our future leaders by creating and supporting scholarships.

Fostering Unparalleled Teaching and Research

Our outstanding faculty, ranked as one of the most diverse law faculties in the country by Princeton Review, is dedicated to providing UC Davis Law students with the best in legal education. King Hall has risen to national and international prominence on the strength of the cutting-edge legal scholarship of our outstanding faculty and the excellence of our students.

  • King Hall students perform community service and hone practical legal skills in the UC Davis School of Law Aoki Social Justice Clinic, Civil Rights Clinic, Family Protection and Legal Assistance Clinic, Immigration Law Clinic, and Prison Law Clinic, providing representation for those in need while gaining invaluable experience.

Support of endowed chairs, professorships, and law school programs help to attract and retain exceptional teachers, researchers, and scholars. Read more about about the academics and clinical programs. You can give to programs through our secure online giving page.

Continuing Our Momentum

The King Hall Annual Fund promotes excellence at King Hall through the support of student organizations, journals, library services, facilities, technology enhancements, interactions with alumni, scholarships, and expanded academic programs.

These projects would not have been possible without the support of donors. By making a contribution to the Annual Fund, you can assist in every aspect of life at the Law School. The greatest day-to-day impacts are those made with the King Hall Annual Fund. Make an online gift to the Annual Fund today!

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What Did You Pay For Law School?

Year Cost
1966-67 $229
1967-68 $229
1968-69 $310
1969-70 $310
1970-71 $670
1971-72 $670
1972-73 $670
1973-74 $670
1974-75 $670
1975-76 $670
1976-77 $675
1977-78 $723
1978-79 $723
1979-80 $747
1980-81 $804
1981-82 $843
1982-83 $1,210
1983-84 $1,382
1984-85 $1,312
1985-86 $1,312
1986-87 $1,312
1987-88 $1,433
1988-89 $1,496
1989-90 $1,912
1990-91 $1,928
1991-92 $3,058
1992-93 $3,638
1993-94 $4,681
1994-95 $6,276
1995-96 $8,343
1996-97 $10,346
1997-98 $10,442
1998-99 $10,442
1999-00 $10,473
2000-01 $10,506
2001-02 $10,524
2002-03 $11,070
2003-04 $15,818
2004-05 $19,778
2005-06 $22,152
2006-07 $22,858
2007-08 $24,049
2008-09 $26,661
2009-10 $32,570
2010-11 $39,717
2011-12 $44,319
2012-13 $47,284
2013-14 $47,286
2014-15 $47,286
2015-16 $47,339
2016-17 $47,409
2017-18 $47,745
2018-19 $47,723
2019-20 $49,455