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Reunion Class Giving

Reunion Giving

Reunions are a great way to reconnect with classmates, visit favorite spots in Davis, and learn firsthand about what’s happening at the Law School today.  Additionally, reunions are a wonderful time for King Hall alumni to show their support for the institution by participating in your Reunion Class Gift.

One way for loyal alumni to get involved is through Reunion Class Giving.  Reunion Class gifts are a great way to reconnect with classmates and support continued excellence at UC Davis School of Law by helping to fund student scholarships, endowed chairs for faculty, clinical programs, and other critical priorities. Many Reunion Committees are already at work identifying a goal for their Reunion Class Gift  and rallying class support.

Class Goals

1973 - The Class of 1973 encourages you to give to any King Hall fund of your choice.

1978 - To celebrate the Class of 1978’s 40th milestone reunion, our class goal is to raise $40K for any King Hall fund.

1983 - The Class of 1983 invites you to participate in our class gift to a King Hall fund of your choice.

1988 - Help your Class of 1988 reach our goal of $100K for the Class of ’88 Scholarship Fund.

1993 - To commemorate our 25-year milestone, the Class of 1993 has set a goal to collectively raise $25K for any King Hall fund. To celebrate our inclusive King Hall experience, we are also asking for 100% participation.

1998 - The Class of 1998 has set a goal to raise $100K to a King Hall fund of your choice.

2003 - In honor of Steven Cannata and Matthew Cunningham, the Class of 2003 has established the Class of 2003 Scholarship. Let’s reach our goal of $50K. 

2008 - It would be a great statement of support to have 100% participation in a Class of 2008 Gift to King Hall. The hope is that all of us can contribute an amount that makes sense for each of us with a suggested donation of $20.08 in celebration of our graduation year. 

2013 - The Class of 2013 is hosting a Bar Review at Tres Hermanas in Davis after the King Hall Reunion event, with the proceeds directly benefitting King Hall LSA. Those who are unable to attend may still participate in the class gift. 

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