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Reunion Class Giving

Reunion Giving

Reunions are a great way to reconnect with classmates, visit favorite spots in Davis, and learn firsthand about what’s happening at the Law School today.  Additionally, reunions are a wonderful time for King Hall alumni to show their support for the institution by participating in your Reunion Class Gift.

One way for loyal alumni to get involved is through Reunion Class Giving.  Reunion Class gifts are a great way to reconnect with classmates and support continued excellence at UC Davis School of Law by helping to fund student scholarships, endowed chairs for faculty, clinical programs, and other critical priorities. Many Reunion Committees are already at work identifying a goal for their Reunion Class Gift  and rallying class support.  

Class Goals

Class of 1976- In honor of our 40-year reunion, our class gift goal is 40% of our class give to the Edward L. Barrett, Jr., Scholarship.

Class of 1981 - As the Class of 1981, our goal is to have 81% of our class give to any King Hall fund.

Class of 1986 - In honor of our 30-year reunion, our goal is to raise at least $30K for the Richard Archibald Memorial Fund. We stand behind this fund because it supports loan repayment for King Hall graduates who enter the public sector for legal employment.

Class of 1991 - "25 for 50" goal: in honor of our 25-year reunion, give a gift in an increment of $25; in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Law School, getting 50% of our classmates to give.

Class of 1996 - "Give a '96": We are aiming for 50% of our class to make a gift/pledge in an amount ending with a "96" ($96, $596, $25.96...) to any King Hall fund.

For more information on your reunion and how to organize a Reunion Class gift, please contact Jin Kim at

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