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Public Service Law Program

The Public Service Law Program is an academic certification program developed to give students seeking public service careers a theoretical and practical foundation on which to build. Students who have not yet made a decision on a career path or who choose careers in the private sector are also strongly encouraged to participate in the program, to explore a wider range of law-related careers and to receive recognition for service performed while attending UC Davis. Program participants will sharpen their minds and strengthen their legal skills through academic and experiential components. To earn the certificate, students must complete both the academic coursework and public service legal work requirements.

Each year, a high percentage of King Hall graduates receive their Public Service certificate, demonstrating a school-wide commitment to serving the community. These certificates are awarded at a special Public Service Graduation ceremony designed to honor certificate and award recipients. Students are eligible to enroll in the program at any time throughout law school but are encouraged to enroll soon after registering for an approved course or obtaining a qualifying position. After enrolling, candidates for the Public Service Law Program Certificate may notate their candidacy for the certificate on their resumes.

Academic Coursework Requirements

Program candidates must complete a minimum of 15 credits of public service coursework from the list below. The courses which can be counted toward the public service requirement are also denoted on the Course Descriptions page. Coursework requirements begin in the second year, as all first-year students follow a required curriculum. The academic coursework requirements are attainable for almost every student who seeks to incorporate the approved courses into their studies. Many classes from different areas of interest qualify each semester, enabling students with a broad range of concentrations to complete the requirements while taking classes relevant to their career path. Units from clinical fieldwork may also be counted towards coursework requirements.

Public Service Legal Work Requirements

Program candidates must complete a minimum of 175 hours of legal work in public interest organizations, government agencies, and courts. The work must be performed under the supervision of an attorney or a member of the Law School faculty. It can be paid, volunteer or for clinical units. The experiential component provides students the opportunity to make important contacts with public service attorneys. In addition to assisting public service organizations meet their needs, volunteering offers students opportunities to interact with attorneys and gain practical legal work experience.

For additional information contact Timothy Griffiths, Associate Director for Public Interest & Public Sector Careers at 530.752.5135 or

“All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Local 1199 Salute to Freedom, March 1968



Administration of Criminal Justice Externship
(Law 470) (2-6 or 12 units)

Administrative Law
(Law 235) (3 units)

Advanced Constitutional Law Seminar
(Law 288) (2 units)

Advanced Criminal Procedure
(Law 227B) (3 units)

Advanced International Law
(Law 248T) (2 units)

Advanced Topics in Immigration and Citizenship Law Seminar
(Law 292T) (2 units)

Alternative Dispute Resolution
(Law 297) (3 units)

Animal Law Seminar
(Law 224) (2 units)

(Law 262) (3 units)

Appellate Advocacy I (Moot Court)
(Law 410A) (2 units)

Appellate Advocacy II (Moot Court)
(Law 410B) (2 units)

Art Law
(Law 296D) (2 units)

Asian American Jurisprudence
(Law 450T) (3 units)

Asian Pacific Americans and Law
(Law 222T) (3 units)

(Law 286C) (3 units)

Biotechnology Law and Policy Seminar
(Law 289A) (2 units)

California Environmental Issues
(Law 285A) (2 units)

Civil Rights Clinic
(Law 420) (2 to 6 units)

Civil Rights Law
(Law 267) (3 units)

Civil Rights Seminar
(Law 267B) (2 units)

Climate Change Law and Policy
(Law 285E) (3 units)

Community Education Seminar
(Law 408) (3 units)

Constitutional Law II
(Law 218) (4 units)

Constitutional Law II - Equal Protection
(Law 218A) (2 units)

Constitutional Law II - First Amendment
(Law 218B) (2 units)

Contemporary Issues in Economic Justice
(Law 293AT) (2 units)

Corporate and White Collar Crime
(Law 245) (3 units)

Critical Race Theory
(Law 222) (3 units)

(Law 266A) (3 units)

Death Penalty Seminar
(Law 245B) (2 units)

Disability Rights Law
(Law 226) (3 units)

Education Policy and the Law
(Law 273A) (3 units)

Elections and Political Campaigns
(Law 240) (2 units)

Employment Discrimination
(Law 260) (3 units)

Employment Law
(Law 260A) (2 units)

Employment Relations Externship
(Law 455) (2 to 6 units)

Energy Law Seminar
(Law 282) (2 units)

Environmental Justice
(Law 285F) (2 units)

Environmental Law
(Law 285) (4 units)

Environmental Law Externship
(Law 450) (2 to 6 units)

Environmental Law Moot Court Competition
(Law 409) (2 units)

Environmental Law Seminar: Emerging Technologies and the Environment
(Law 285TA ) (2 units)

Environmental Law Seminar: Emerging Technologies and the Environment
(Law 285TA ) (2 units)

Environmental Practice
(Law 285B) (2 units)

(Law 418) (1-2 units)

Environs Editor
(Law 418) (1 units)

Family Law
(Law 272) (3 units)

Family Protection Clinic
(Law 435) (4 units)

Federal and State Taxation Externship
(Law 430) (2 to 6 units)

Federal Indian Law
(Law 277) (3 units)

Federal Jurisdiction
(Law 246) (3 units)

Feminist Legal Theory
(Law 259) (3 units)

Financial Regulation Seminar
(Law 269D) (2 units)

Food and Agricultural Law
(Law 285C) (2 units)

Food Justice
(Law 285BT ) (2 units)

Food Law & Policy
(Law 285T) (2 units)

Free Trade and the Environment
(Law 230T) (2 units)

Fundamentals of Public International Law
(Law 248T) (1 units)

Globalization and the Law
(Law 248D) (3 units)

Health Care Law
(Law 286) (3 units)

Housing Law
(Law 254) (2 units)

Human Rights in the Former Soviet Union: Legal Tools for Repression and Redress: Part II
(Law 248BT) (2 units)

Immigration Law and Procedure
(Law 292) (3 units)

Immigration Law Clinic
(Law 440A (Fall) 440B (Spring)) (4 each semester (maximum of 8) units)

International Business Transactions
(Law 270) (2 units)

International Economic Law
(Law 248TC) (3 units)

International Environmental Law
(Law 230) (3 units)

International Finance
(Law 291A) (4 units)

International Human Rights
(Law 248B) (2 units)

International Intellectual Property and Development
(Law 274A) (2 units)

International Investment Dispute Seminar
(Law 291B) (2 units)

International Litigation and Arbitration
(Law 252) (3 units)

International Trade Law
(Law 290T) (4 units)

Journal of Juvenile Law and Policy
(Law 411B) (1-2 units)

Judicial Externship
(Law 425) (2-6 or 12 units)

Judicial Process
(Law 261) (2 units)

Jurisdiction in Cyberspace Seminar
(Law 248A) (2 units)

Jurisprudence Seminar
(Law 250) (3 units)

Juvenile Justice
(Law 276) (2 units)

Labor Law
(Law 251) (2 units)

Labor Law I
(Law 251T) (2 units)

Labor Law II
(Law 251TB) (2 units)

Land Use Planning and the California Environmental Quality Act
(Law 256) (2 units)

Law and Economics
(Law 284) (4 units)

Law and Popular Culture
(Law 294A) (2 units)

Law and Religion Seminar
(Law 216A) (2 units)

Law and Rural Livelihoods Seminar
(Law 254A) (2 units)

Law and Society Seminar
(Law 287T) (2 units)

Law of War
(Law 218TB) (2 units)

Legal Ethics and Corporate Practice
(Law 258A) (3 units)

Legal Psychology Seminar
(Law 286D) (2 units)

Legislative Process
(Law 257) (2 units)

Legislative Process Externship
(Law 445) (2 to 4 units)

Marital Property
(Law 225) (2 units)

(Law 239) (3 units)

Medical Liability Law and Policy
(Law 212A) (2 units)

Mindfulness and Professional Identity
(Law 258BT) (3 units)

Moot Court Board
(Law 414) (1 units)

Natural Resources Law Seminar
(Law 265) (2 units)

(Law 211) (2 units)

Nonprofit Organizations and Drafting: A-Z Coverage with Document Drafting
(Law 271) (4 units)

Nonprofit Organizations I: State and Local Governance Issues
(Law 271A) (2 units)

Nonprofit Organizations II: Tax Exemptions and Taxation Focus
(Law 271B) (2 units)

Nonprofits Organizations: Key Legal Topics
(Law 271T) (2 units)

Ocean and Coastal Law
(Law 264A) (3 units)

Pension and Employee Benefits Law
(Law 255) (3 units)

Poverty Law
(Law 287A) (2 units)

Practicum In Rural Community Advocacy
(Law 254T) (3 units)

Prison Law Clinic
(Law 480) (2-6 units)

Privatization of Criminal Justice Seminar
(Law 210A) (2 units)

Professional Responsibility
(Law 258) (2 units)

Public Health Law
(Law 286B) (2 units)

Public Interest Law Externship
(Law 460) (2 to 6 units)

Public Interest Law Seminar
(Law 293) (2 units)

Public Interest Lawyering, Civil Rights and Employment Law
(Law 293T) (2 units)

Public International Law
(Law 248) (3 units)

Public Land Law
(Law 287) (3 units)

Reforming the Police and Criminal Justice
(Law 210) (2 units)

Regulated Industries
(Law 262T) (2 units)

(Law 283) (2 units)

Renewable Energy Seminar
(Law 282AT) (2 units)

Reproductive Rights, Law and Justice
(Law 286E) (2 units)

Separation of Powers
(Law 218TA) (2 units)

Sex-Based Discrimination
(Law 231) (3 units)

Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and the Law
(Law 231A) (3 units)

Sociology of Criminal Procedure
(Law 210B) (2 units)

State and Local Government Law
(Law 281) (3 units)

State and Local Taxation
(Law 220T) (3 units)

Statutory Interpretation
(Law 257B) (3 units)

Tax and Distributive Justice
(Law 220B) (3 units)

Terrorism and International Law
(Law 213T) (2 units)

The Financial Crisis: Law & Policy and Inequality
(Law 269AT) (2 units)

Theories of International Law
(Law 248TT) (2 units)

Topical Issues in Health Law Seminar
(Law 286A) (2 units)

Topics in California Criminal Practice
(Law 227CT) (2 units)

Transnational Criminal Law
(Law 213A) (3 units)

Trial Practice
(Law 263A) (3 units)

Trial Practice Honors Board
(Law 415) (1 units)

Voting Rights Seminar
(Law 241) (2 units)

Washington UCDC Law Program
(Law 475) (10 units)

Water Law
(Law 264) (3 units)

Women, Islam, and Law
(Law 259T) (2 units)