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Intellectual Property Certificate

The certificate program was initiated as part of the law school’s effort to provide students with broad and deep exposure to intellectual property law and help prepare students for practice in the area.  The certificate is awarded upon completion of at least 15 units of intellectual property or technology related courses, including Foundation Courses (designated combinations of Intellectual Property Survey, Patent Law, Trademark and Unfair Competition and Copyright) and a substantial research paper on an intellectual property or technology related topic.

Minimum Intellectual Property related credits

Students must take at least 15 units of Intellectual Property or technology related courses, selecting from a list approved by the Educational Policy Committee. Currently approved courses* are:

  • Antitrust
  • Bioethics
  • Chinese Intellectual Property
  • Globalization and the Law
  • IP Drafting for Biotech and Pharma
  • Intellectual Property in Historical Context
  • Law of E-Commerce
  • Right of Publicity
  • Theory and History of Intellectual Property
  • International Intellectual Property and Development
  • Art Law
  • Brands and Trademarks
  • Copyright
  • Innovation and Technology Transfer
  • Intellectual Property
  • Intellectual Property Externship
  • Patent Law
  • Trademark

Students may petition for certificate credit in Intellectual Property related courses and activities which may not be listed above by petitioning the Intellectual Property Faculty Supervisors.

Foundation Courses

Students must satisfy either Option A or Option B:

  • Option A: Take the Intellectual Property Survey course plus at least 1 of the following 3 courses:
    • Patent Law
    • Trademark
    • Copyright
  • Option B: Take 2 of the following courses:
    • Patent Law
    • Trademark
    • Copyright

A student who takes the Intellectual Property Survey course and all three of the courses in option B will only be able to count three of the four courses towards the 15 units required for the certificate.

Independent or Group Study and Externships

Students may satisfy up to 4 units of the 15 units through independent study, group study, and/or an externship related to IP.

Any group study (Law 498) must be approved by at least one intellectual property professor, and a paper written for group study will not satisfy the writing requirement unless a supervising faculty member accepts it as an independent writing project.

Writing Requirement

Students must write a writing-requirement-quality paper, approved by an IP Professor, on an IP related law topic through a seminar, an independent study, or law review.  The paper should develop and defend a thesis and demonstrate original thought and analysis.  Students writing papers independent of a seminar should consult early with faculty on paper topics and must submit a proposed topic to the supervising faculty member by May 15 of their second year of law school and submit a draft of the paper by December 31 of their third year.

Minimum IP-related GPA

Students must maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or above in graded certificate classes.

* Elective courses are offered on a rotating basis. Not all courses will be taught in any given year. Please check the Course Descriptions webpage for current course offerings. Complete the Intellectual Property Certificate Form .  Have your faculty advisor sign off and return the form to the Law School Registrar's Office.

(Law 262) (3 units)

Art Law
(Law 296D) (2 units)

(Law 286C) (3 units)

Brands and Trademarks Seminar
(Law 295T) (2 units)

Chinese Intellectual Property law
(Law 274BT) (2 units)

(Law 296) (3 units)

(Law 266A) (3 units)

Globalization and the Law
(Law 248D) (3 units)

Innovation and Technology Transfer Seminar
(Law 209T) (2 units)

Intellectual Property
(Law 274) (3 units)

Intellectual Property, Human Rights & Social Justice
(Law 274ET) (2 units)

Intellectual Property Agreement Drafting for Biotech & Pharma
(Law 275TA) (2 units)

Intellectual Property and Historical Context Seminar
(Law 274D) (2 units)

Intellectual Property Externship
(Law 465) (2 to 6 units)

International Intellectual Property and Development
(Law 274A) (2 units)

Patent Law
(Law 209A) (3 units)

Race, National Identity and Intellectual Properties
(Law 274GT) (2 units)

Right of Publicity and Related Doctrines
(Law 296T) (2 units)

Theory and History of Intellectual Property
(Law 274T) (2 units)

Trademark and Unfair Competition Law
(Law 295A) (2 units)

Trade Secrets
(Law 274BT) (2 units)