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Environmental Law

The certificate program  was initiated as part of the school's commitment to quality environmental legal education. The certificate is awarded upon successful completion of two core courses - Environmental Law and Administrative Law; a substantial research paper on an environmental or natural resources topic; and 11 units of elective environmental law classes.

Environmental Law Core Courses

  • Environmental Law
  • Administrative Law

Environmental Law Elective Courses

  • Animal Law
  • California Environmental Issues Seminar
  • Climate Change Law & Policy
  • Comparative Environmental Law Seminar
  • Emerging Technologies & the Environment
  • Energy Law
  • Environmental Justice
  • Environmental Law Seminar
  • Environmental Practice
  • Food and Agricultural Law
  • International Environmental Law
  • Land Use Planning
  • Law and Economics
  • Native American Law Seminar
  • Natural Resources Seminar
  • Ocean & Coastal Laws Seminar
  • Public Land Law
  • Renewable Energy Law Seminar
  • State and Local Government Law
  • Statutory Interpretation
  • Water Law

Environmental courses taken at other law schools or within other UC Davis departments may be applied toward the 11 unit requirement, if approved in advance by Prof. Elmendorf or Lin and if approved in advance by Dean Kulwin in accordance with Regulation 1.6 [Courses in Other Law Schools] or Regulation 1.7 [Courses in Other Parts of the University].

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